Ridom TraceEditPro

Ridom TraceEditPro was discontinued and is not supported any more!


Migration from TraceEditPro to SeqSphere+

The concept of Ridom TraceEditPro has been further developed and resulted in Ridom SeqSphere+, adding a plurality of major features like a central database, mutli-user access, multiple target typing, and support for NGS data. Ridom SeqSphere+ can open and import existing TraceEditPro files.

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Outdated Ridom TraceEditPro Installer

This version requires a license code to run.

Downloadable Versions
Windows Version: RidomTraceEditPro-1.2.1.exe [56MB]
Requires Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Linux Version: RidomTraceEditPro-1.2.2-rc02.tar.gz [92MB]
Requires Linux (Kernel 2.2 or higher)


Outdated Ridom TraceEditPro Documents

Ridom TraceEditPro Installing Instructions
TraceEditPro User Guide
Tutorial: 5-16S rDNA Bacteria Identification
Tutorial: Multi Locus Sequence Typing
Tutorial: fetA Single Locus Sequence Typing of Neisseria meningitidis

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