The database fields that can be used in a Project are defined by its Database Scheme. By default, the basic scheme Default Bacteria or a species specific extension is used for a new Project. Those predefined schemes cannot be edited, because they should define a common set of fields.

If new fields should be added to a predefined scheme, a new extension of the scheme must be created.

  • Step 1: In the menu invoke Options | Project and select the Project where the field should be added.
  • Step 2: The Database Scheme is shown in the upper left corner.
    • If the Project uses a predefined scheme (like Default Bacteria), press the button Button16-New.gif to create a new database scheme and choose the first option Create Extension of Database Scheme. Next press Choose Fields, and then press Create New Field.
    • Else, if the database scheme is not a predefined one, an edit button Button16-Edit.gif is shown. Press this edit button. Next press Choose Fields, and then press Create New Field.
  • Step 3: Define the new field in the upcoming Field Definition dialog. When ready, confirm two times with OK to create the field an add it to the database scheme.
  • Step 4: Finally press Save & Close to store the changes for the Project.

The new field now exists in the Project and is available for all Samples of this Project.