The SeqSphere+ server can always be moved to another computer, and it can also be moved to a different operating system (i.e., Linux or Windows). We recommend the following steps to move the server:

  • Step 1: Log into the old SeqSphere+ server as Administrator.
  • Step 2: Invoke the menu item Administration | Server System Administration to open the Server System Administration window.
  • Step 3: Press the button Edit Server Backup Settings to open the Backup Settings window.
  • Step 4: Be sure that the option Include contigs (fasta) and upload assembly files (ace/bam) in backup is enabled. Notice the path at Backup directory where the newly created backup will be located. Confirm and close the window with OK.
  • Step 5: Press Button16-Backup.png Do Server Backup now. A backup is created on the server in the defined backup directory. After the backup process has finished, copy the backupfile to the new computer.
  • Step 7: By default, the new SeqSphere+ server is automatically started after installation. Therefore, shutdown the new server first: If the server was installed as Windows service use the Stop SeqSphere Service item in the start menu. Else right-click on the server tray icon and choose Shutdown Server.
  • Step 8: Restore the database from the old database backup: On Windows use the start menu item Server Database Restore Backup. On Linux use the command line parameter -restoreBackup <backup_file>.
  • Step 9: Start the new server again. The clients can now connect to the new server.
  • Step 10: The license needs to be reactivated on the new server. Use the license key that was already used for the old server. If the activation fails because your license activations are expired, please contact Ridom support.