Seqsphere sysadminpane.png

The Server System Administration window can be opened with the menu function Administration || Server System Administration. This function is only available for users that have the role System Admin (e.g., the default administration user Administrator). The window shows a table with the currently active login sessions of the SeqSphere+ server and offers several functions for server administration:

  • Button16-Refresh.gif Refresh Server Status: Forces to retrieve the current server status and updates the session list and license state. The status is also refreshed automatically after a period of time.
  • Button16-Information.gifServer System Info: Show an overview of the server internals.
  • Button16-Key.png Activate License: Activate the SeqSphere+ software license or import a prepared license file.

  • Edit Server Backup Settings: Define target directory, time schedule and other parameters for the Server Database Backup.
  • Button16-Backup.png: Do Server Backup Now: Immediately backup the server database into the directory that is configured in the backup settings.

  • Button16-OnlineUpdate.png Server Online Update: Check the Ridom SeqSphere+ site for any updates that your installed server may need.
  • Button16-Open.gif Server Import Update: Select an update file that will be transferred to the server.

  • Edit Welcome Message: Define or modify the welcome message that will be shown to SeqSphere+ user after log in. HTML can be used to add line breaks and text formatting. If no welcome message is defined, a default message is shown.
  • Change File Storage Path: Change the path were the uploaded sequence files (FASTA/ACE/BAM) are stored.
  • Set Max Memory Usage: Define the maximum amount of RAM that the SeqSphere+ server may use.
  • Send Logs to Ridom Support: Send the server log files to Ridom SeqSphere+ Support.

  • Button16-LockBlue.pngClose Server: This will disallow any logins by non-admin users.
  • Button16-Delete.pngTerminate Session: When a session is selected on the left hand side of the screen, this button can be used to end it.
  • Shutdown Server: This will disconnect all sessions and end the running server processes. With large database this shutdown process may take several minutes.