Ridom Remote Training using TeamViewer

Join a Ridom Training Demonstration

If you have received an email with the invitation to a Ridom remote demonstration or meeting, please download the TeamViewer software below and start it on your computer (no permanent installation and no admin rights needed).

Download TeamViewerQJ Download TeamViewerQJ

A window with the title Ridom QuickJoin will be opened. Enter the Partner ID that was given in the email and press Join. Next enter the Password given in the email in the upcoming dialog window, and press Log On to enter the meeting.



Enable Audio Transmission

If you have a headset connected to your computer, you can use TeamViewer for audio transmission. To enable the audio transmission, click on Audio/Video on the top of the TeamViewer window, and select Voice over IP.

A small window with the title Voice over IP will be opened. Press Transmit my audio now to start the transmission.

If you don't want to use the audio transmission (e.g., because no headset is connected) we can also call you by phone. Please send us your phone number by email.



Change Direction of Transmission for Remote Support

For some support questions it may be very helpful if a member of the Ridom support team can see you computer screen. Therefore the presenter can ask to change the direction of the screen transmission. If this is invoked, a dialog window will open on your computer, that must be confirmed by pressing the Show screen button within 10 seconds to allow the transmission of your screen.

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