About Ridom Company

Ridom© GmbH (Münster, Germany) develops software for microbial DNA re-sequencing analysis on routine basis. The company was founded in January 2003. Ridom has a well-recognized name in the field by its software products; e.g., every European National Public Health Agency (e.g., RKI, RIVM, PHE, SSI), CDC, FDA, and numerous world-wide hospitals have bought and are using at least one software product from Ridom.

Ridom has revolutionized sequence based genotyping efforts with its StaphType software for MRSA. The tool delivered for the first time ever an automated quality-controlled curation of a global and public nomenclature. In the meantime the accompanying Ridom SpaServer is the worldwide largest sequence-based bacterial genotyping database. The SpaServer is maintained by Ridom in 24/7 mode and experienced for more than 10 years no single downtime. The SPA typing software Ridom StaphType is currently used by more than 750 users in more than 60 different countries worldwide. Ridom also developed the highly popular MIRU-VNTRplus web application for molecular typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

In 2013 the Ridom SeqSphere+ software provided for the first time ever a user-friendly bacterial whole genome sequence typing solution. 'One health' - food, animal, public health, and clinical microbiology - users are increasingly operating the tool around the world and SeqSphere+ is still regarded by many researchers as the most intuitive software for bacterial genomic surveillance.

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