Ridom Remote Support using Microsoft Teams

Request Remote Support

In case that remote support is needed, please contact us to arrange a date for a support session. Once agreed upon a date, we will provide you via email the web link for the virtual meeting.

We will use the Microsoft Teams for the meeting. We recommend to use the Microsoft Teams app as this allows to enable remote control for screen sharing if necessary. The web version of Microsoft Teams allows screen sharing only without remote control.


Start Remote Support Session

The email contains a teams.microsoft.com web link for the schedules meeting. Click on this web link. If you don't have Microsoft Teams installed, click on the link to download the Teams setup app. Run this app to startup Teams, and directly join the meeting. If you have already Microsoft Teams installed, choose Join on the Teams app to join the meeting.


Enable Share Screen

To share your computer screen with the Ridom support team, press the Share button in toolbar of the Microsoft Team window.

A dialog will open with a thumbnail of your screen. Press Screen to confirm sharing the whole screen. When the screen sharing is enabled, you will see a read border around your screen.


Enable Remote Control

For some support issues it may be helpful to allow the Ridom support team remote control of your desktop. In such cases, the Ridom support member will send a request via Microsoft Teams. You will then see a notification that the meeting organizer is requesting control. To enable this, confirm the notification with the button Allow.

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