Download by Accession Number(s)


This window allows to download sequences from NCBI GenBank. The button Button16-Paste.gif Paste can be used to get accession numbers from clipboard or from a text file.

The button Button16-NCBI.png Browse Genomes opens the NCBI GenBank Bacteria Genoms Browser.

Download by Browsing NCBI Bacteria Genome Browser


The SeqSphere NCBI Genome Browser shows a table of the bacterial genomes that are available at NCBI. This table is regularly updated once per week from the NCBI Genome Report (FTP site). It contains the genomes available at Right-click in the table to open related pages in your Web Browser. Select rows in the table and click OK to use the accession numbers for an NCBI download.

The table can be filtered using the fields above:

The field Organism Name can be used filter the complete list of genomes for just one organism. Press cursor key right or the button 'Button16-SmallRight.gif' to auto-complete the typed text and show a list of possible organisms, sorted by the frequency of entries per organism.

The field Genome Data Set define which data sequence(s) should be downloaded:

  • Genome
  • Chromosome
  • Plasmids

The field Genome State can be used filter by the state that of the genome data:

  • Complete Genome
  • Chromosome
  • Scaffold
  • Contig

The field Genome Repository can be used to select only specific sources for the genomes:

  • NCBI RefSeq (NCBI Reference Sequence Database)
  • INSDC/GenBank (International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration: Made up of NCBI GenBank, European Nucleotide Archive, and the DNA Data Bank of Japan)
  • WGS Projects (Whole genome shotgun sequencing projects at NCBI)