Manage Comparison Table Snapshots


A Comparison Table Snapshot' can be used to store Comparison Table and minimum spanning tree (MST) content and layout (including coloring) for later reuse.

A comparison table that is opened from a stored snapshot contains not necessarily the current data of the database but shows instead the data as they existed when the snapshot was stored. Therefore, a snapshot may even contain Samples that were in the meantime deleted from the database. If a MST was also stored in the snapshot, the MST window is opened automatically together with the comparison table. A MST is always stored in the current layout, so any manual modification in the layout (e.g., dragging tree nodes or complex highlighting, etc.) is stored and preserved.

Stored Snapshots

Select Button16-ComparisonTable.png Tools | Comparison Table from the menu to open the Comparison Table dialog and select the second tab Stored Snapshots. This shows a list of all Comparison Table Snapshots that are stored and visible for a specific user (by default stored snapshots are only visible for the user storing the snapshot) and allows to open a comparison table from a stored snapshot. The panel can also be used to export, edit properties, or delete snapshots. Furthermore, snapshot favorites that should be shown permanently on the SeqSphere+ home screen can be defined here. By default, only the last three snapshots are shown on the home screen.

Save Comparison Table to Snapshot

Save Comparison Table to Snapshot

When a Comparison Table window is opened, the File menu function Save Comparison Table Snapshot (including open MST) or the first button in toolbar can be used to open a dialog to store all content. The dialog allows to enter a name, a category, a description, and access rights. If a MST is open a thumbnail of it is automatically stored. By default, a snapshot is only visible for the user who created it.

If the comparison table was opened from an existing snapshot then the name field can not be modified and the dialog button Save will store a newer version of the comparison table to the snapshot and thereby overwriting the older one. If this is not intended, the dialog button Save Copy As can be used to store the comparison table in another snapshot using a different snapshot name.

For convenience, the button Save Comparison Table Snapshot (including open MST) is also available in the MST window. It has exactly the same functionality as in the comparison table main window.

The function Export Comparison Table Snapshot to File in the comparison table File menu can be used to write a snapshot to a local file. Such a file can be exchanged with other SeqSphere+ users. A snapshot file can be opened with any SeqSphere+ client via drag and drop or the File menu Open File(s) command, even without being logged-in to a server.