Ridom SeqSphere+ is developed and supported by

Ridom GmbH
Mendelstr. 11
D-48149 Münster, Germany

Technical Support

Ridom offers free technical support to all its SeqSphere+ customers with a valid license. Free support includes email and web form based as well as remote support using TeamViewer. We aim to answer all support questions within two working days (CET). Among others we supply the following support options:

Watch a tutorial video to see the software in action.
Learn the basics of the software by following the step-by-step tutorials.
You can submit a support question directly on our website or via the Help menu of our software products, or contact us at support@ridom.de.

Training and Services

Ridom offers a variety of other services. We provide end-to-end solutions for your sequence analysis. We can help you move quickly through your sequencing analysis workflow. We offer flexible options tailored to suit your needs including customizable packages, fixed-price services and by-the-hour consulting options:

  • TeamViewer and/or on-site training
We organize virtual TeamViewer and/or on-site training sessions or courses on theoretical and practical themes chosen by the customer.
  • Data analysis service
Ridom offers a service of having your data analyzed at an hourly rate. Data sources include any type of MLST, VNTR/MLVA, whole genome sequence data and/or any other sequence based typing data.
  • Development of task templates and additional applications
The SeqSphere+ software package is highly customizable by its tasks templates. Ridom offers to develop such task templates (for genotyping, resistom or virulence analysis) on request for customers. Special purpose applications and interface elements can be developed at an hourly rate.


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