Entering a BioProject accession number for the SRA download

SeqSphere+ can be used to download FASTQ files from SRA using the following accession numbers (NCBI, EMBL-EBI, DDBJ):

  • SRA Run Accession (SRR.., ERR..., DRR...)
  • SRA Sample Accession (SRS.., ERS..., DRS...)
  • SRA Experiment Accession (SRX.., ERX..., DRX...)
  • SRA Study Accession (SRP.., ERP..., DRP...)
  • BioSample Accession (SAM...)
  • BioProject Accession (PRJ...)

If one or more accession numbers are given, the meta data for each run that is found in this context is retrieved. The result is shown in a table. If a single run accession was given, only this run is listed. If a study accession was given, all runs of this study are listed.

All runs found in the given BioProject

Three steps are necessary to import and analyse the genomes from an SRA study in your database:

  • Step 1: Import Epi Data
Press the the button Button16-Import.gif Import Epi Data to import the epi data (e.g. country) of the selected runs as Samples in a specified Project.
  • Step 2: Download FASTQ Files
Press OK to dowload the FASTQ files for the selected runs into a specified directory.
  • Step 3: Import FASTQ with a SeqSphere+ Pipeline
Define and start a Pipeline for the FASTQ files and the Project chosen above.