If a Task Template is modified, or if new Task Templates are added to a Project, the data in the existing Samples is not updated automatically.

Instead, the Button16-ReprocessSamples.png Reprocess Samples function can be used to update some or all existing Samples.

Choose Samples

The Samples that will be updated are defined by a search criteria. In the simplest case, only the Project is chosen, then all Samples of this Project will be reprocessed.

Choose Operation

Add sequences from attached resources

Useful when new Task Templates were are added to a Project. The attached resources (e.g., ace/bam/fasta files or ncbi accession numbers) are used to read the newly defined targets from the resource files into the existing Samples, and performs the analyses and queries that are defined in the Task Templates.

Refresh target QC procedure and restart queries

Useful when the target QC procedure details have been changed in a Task Template. The Samples are loaded one after another, and the QC procedure and queries are reprocessed. For performance reason it is often reasonable to only reprocess the failed targets (e.g. if the coverage restrictions are relaxed).

Restart queries

Useful when the queries have changed in a Task Template (e.g. updated MLST scheme). The Samples are loaded one after another, and the queries are restarted.