The Sample QC Statistic can be started using the menu command Button16-Statistics.gif Tools | Sample QC Statistic.

The statistic will show the distribution of target QC results (not found/failed/succeeded) for multiple Samples. It can be calculated for Samples that are currently opened in workspace or for Samples in the database:

  • to create a QC statistic for Samples from the database a search criteria can be defined.
  • to create a QC statistic for Samples from workspace the Samples can be selected. The selected Samples must share one or more Task Templates.

Additional Sample fields can be included into the QC statistic tables.

The Summary contains a chart that shows color coded the distribution of tasks that

  • were not found (grey)
  • failed the analysis checks (red)
  • succeeded (green)

Tables that show the distribution of not found/failed/good targets per Sample and the results per target are also included. The column "Fail Reason" contains the distribution of the first analysis problems found.

Sample QC Statistic: bar chart
Sample QC Statistic: target Overview