The menu command Button16-SearchSamplesLocally.png Tools | Search Similar Samples Locally allows to search for Samples in the database that are similar to selected Samples, based on the numbers of similar and different allele types.

  • Allelic Profile Distance Criteria
Defines the threshold for similar samples. By default, the cluster-alert threshold of the cgMLST task template in the project is used. Alternatively a multiple of the cluster-alert threshold can be chosen, an absolute allele distance, or a relative allele distances.
By default all samples with more than 10% missing values will be excluded from the search result
  • Metadata Criteria
By default only Samples in the same project are searched.
Additionally, place and time limitations can be defined here.
  • Similarity Search Comparison Table Settings
Settings for the comparison table that is shown as search result can be set here.
By default, only the first 100 Samples of a search result are shown, and the 5 nearest Samples that are not within the defined threshold are added to the table.

The default settings for a similarity search are defined on project level in the Project Editor.

The Search Similar Samples function is also available as button Button16-SearchSamplesLocally.png in the Search Samples dialog or in the context menu of a loaded Sample.


The search result can be opened in a comparison table. The query Samples are highlighted orange, the found similar Samples are highlighted yellow. The other nearest samples (by default 5) are not highlighted.