Ridom StaphType

Ridom StaphType was discontinued and is not supported any more!


Ridom StaphType was a highly customized software for fast and accurate spa-typing of MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) isolates.

The spa-typing algorithms of Ridom StaphType are now integrated into Ridom SeqSphere+. Request a free trial for Ridom SeqSphere+.


Spa-typing Nomenclature with Ridom SpaServer

The Ridom SpaServer is used to collate and harmonize data from various geographic regions and to provide a global and simple nomenclature for spa-types and repeat codes. The Ridom SpaServer web site is freely accessible to internet users and the spa-repeat sequences and the -types can be downloaded.

Total strains:448250
Strain records:186563
Strain countries:148
Registered users:861
User countries:70
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