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Ridom® StaphType is a highly customized software for MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria) surveillance. It has become well established and is used today in more than 60 countries worldwide by more than 750 users. In Europe alone all national reference centers (e.g., RKI, PHE, RIVM, SSI) are StaphType users.

The emergence of strains resistant to methicillin and other antibacterial agents has become a great concern, especially in the hospital environment. Single locus DNA-sequencing of the repeat region of the Staphylococcus protein A gene (spa) can be used for reliable, accurate, and discriminatory typing of MRSA.

Ridom StaphType automatically detects spa-repeats and -types. Relevant epidemiological information can be stored in a integrated database system. Thus outbreaks can be detected by the software automatically by applying its early warning algorithms.

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Spa-typing Nomenclature with Ridom SpaServer

The Ridom SpaServer is used to collate and harmonize data from various geographic regions and to provide a global and simple nomenclature for spa-types and repeat codes. The Ridom SpaServer web site is freely accessible to internet users and the spa-repeat sequences and the -types can be downloaded.

Total strains:433660
Strain records:178915
Strain countries:143
Registered users:826
User countries:70
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