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SeqSphere+ Consortium Server

A Consortium Server allows several SeqSphere+ users each with their own installation to share a minimum agreed upon amount of data (e.g., for [supra]national/regional genomic surveillance or in the framework of a funded project, etc.) while the original and complete data remain locally. The shared data can be used for automatically triggered matching alert (MA) emails once genomes with similar cgMLST allelic profiles are submitted by other organizations or the data can be compared for some sort of trend analysis.

Own samples can be searched against the consortium server content and closely matching genomes can be imported. Furthermore, own samples that were submitted to the consortium server can be updated or withdrawn at any time. Due to security reasons only users with specific pre-registered database IDs (Database UUID) and optionally with pre-registered IP addresses (IP whitelist) are allowed to access the consortium server. Organization and user management is done by a consortium admin. Finally, regularly updated aggregated sample data of the consortium server content can be made public available.

A typical data workflow as realized by the miGenomeSurv consortium is shown following.

Interested to run a consortium server? Please contact us to get a specific tailored quote.

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