Task Template Sphere download dialog

The Task Template Sphere is used in SeqSphere+ to download predefined task templates.

It provides predefined task templates for

The Task Template Sphere can be opened by the Download button in the Button16-TaskTemplate.png Option | Task Templates dialog, or by the button Button16-WebDownload.png Download & Add in a project editing dialog.

The Task Template Sphere download dialog allows to select an Organism to browse all available task templates for this species. The field Application allows to show only task template with the selected application (e.g., 'Typing'). By default, only the organisms with cgMLST, resistance or virulence task templates are shown. The checkbox Show also organisms with MLST only can be used to add all organisms with public available MLST scheme to the list.

The cgMLST, Accessory and MLST task templates are preselected by default. When the dialog is confirmed with the OK button, the selected task templates are downloaded, and if invoked from a project editor dialog, they will be added to the project. After the task templates are downloaded, they are locally available in the database and can be used for multiple projects and by multiple users. Task templates will always be downloaded only once. If a task template, that was already downloaded before, is selected in the download dialog, the local copy will be used automatically. The 'NCBI AMRFinderPlus' task template is only available for download on Linux or on Windows with installed Windows Subsystem for Linux client systems.