Ridom SeqSphere+ is a client/server application. The license is valid for one activation of the SeqSphere+ Server on one computer (productive unit). It is only allowed to install a second SeqSphere+ Server for evaluation of product compliance and performance before updating the productive unit to a new version.

The SeqSphere+ Client can be installed and used on as many computers as you want. The basic license is valid for 1 year and allows to create 2 named user accounts.

License Period

The license period starts with the activation of the license. The license will expire after the defined period and the software runs with read-only access unless a new license is ordered. Read-only access still allows to view and export existing data.

During the license period an unlimited number of samples can be analyzed. The license includes all updates and technical support for initial installation and troubleshooting within the time period. Free technical support includes help via email as well via online remote control (TeamViewer).

License Named User Accounts

Each license defines a number of seats that are the user accounts which can be created (beside the Administrator account). Those named users can then use any computer (Windows or Linux) that have a SeqSphere+ Client installed to log into the SeqSphere+ Server using their user account.

Each named user account allows to login once at the same time. If another user logs in with the same account, a read-only mode is activated for the session (i.e., 2 named user accounts = 2 concurrent users possible).

The Pipeline Mode also runs with a named user account but can run concurrently. So the same user can be logged in in the interactive mode and can run several pipelines in addition at the same time.

Releasing Unused Accounts

To release named user accounts of former users that are not needed any more, the accounts can be set to disabled by selecting the checkbox Disable user in the user account editor. Disabled accounts are not counted for the license.