Ports and Services

The communication between SeqSphere+ Client and SeqSphere+ Server runs on port 8064 (port can be changed). The server and client are communicating via https using a self-signed certificate that is created when the server is started for the first time (SHA-256 with RSA encrypting, 2048 bit).

For some (optional) functions the SeqSphere+ Client needs an Internet connection. The following hosts are connected:


Function Host Protocol Port
Upload of alleles and optional metadata for cgMLST.org submissions
and download of task templates
nomenclature.seqsphere.de https 80
Upload of read data for EBI ENA submission webin.ebi.ac.uk ftp 21
Upload of meta data for EBI ENA submission www.ebi.ac.uk https 443
Upload/download for SeqSphere+ license activation,
alternatively activation by email possible
act.ridom.de http 80


Function Host Protocol Port
Download of index files for NCBI Genome Browser and PubMLST.org MLST schemes www.ridom.de http 80
Download of SeqSphere+ software updates onlineupdates.ridom.de http 80
Download of genomes from NCBI Genome www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov https 443
Download of read data from NCBI SRA ftp-trace.ncbi.nih.gov https 443
Download of MLST schemes from PubMLST.org pubmlst.org http 80
Geocoding with Google Maps maps.googleapis.com http 80
Geocoding with GeoNames www.geonames.org http 80

The SeqSphere+ Server does not require any Internet connection.

Submission to cgMLST.org

The cgMLST.org Nomenclature Server (www.cgMLST.org) provides a global nomenclature for stable public cgMLST schemes, i.e. for Task Templates that were downloaded from the Task Template Sphere. If Samples are using those downloaded Task Templates they can be submitted to cgMLST.org.

If no submission of any data is wanted or allowed, then only local Task Templates must be used. Samples that are using only local Task Templates will not and cannot be submitted to cgMLST.org. Local Task Templates can be defined using the cgMLST Target Definer, or by converting public Task Templates into local ones.

Remote Access

By installing SeqSphere+, Ridom has by no means remote access to the user's local computer or SeqSphere+ database. Remote access for training and support can be done with a TeamViewer software that needs to be [downloaded|http://www.ridom.de/teamviewer/qs/] separately,