Changes in Version 9

Major Changes

Minor Changes

  • Added support for SPAdes (v3.15.4) on Windows Subsystem for Linux.
  • Updated CGE E. coli geno-serotyping database (CGE SerotypeFinder database version 1.0.0; 2022-05-16).
  • Added support for iSeq/MiniSeq/NextSeq HD data and InterOp import .
  • Added support for Illumina DNA Prep coverage specific recommendations.
  • Updated shape files and city populations for geographical map function.
  • Added support for processing NCBI gbff files (including extraction of circularity information).
  • Added support for extraction of circularity information from NCBI Genome data.
  • Added support for multiple fasta files in Tools menu function Mash Identification.
  • Fixed handling of near identical species (e.g., E.coli/Shigella) in contamination check and automatic project selection.
  • Added support for PacBio/Oxford Nanopore coverage specific recommendations.
  • Added import for PacBio run infos (beta).
  • Added column for amino acid position number (AA Number) to group specific SNVs result table.
  • Updated FastQC to version 0.11.9.
  • Added exportable MST Cluster table to MST Statistic function.
  • Improved field choosing for CSV export in pipelines to export results in other tools (e.g., for customized reports).
  • Fixed ST field detection for some legacy MLST task templates.
  • Added option to export of contig files to keep original contig names.
  • Enabled target QC start/stop codon check in some public cgMLST task templates, if they were downloaded with version 7/8 (A. baumanni, B. melitensis, E. faecalis, E. faecium, F. tularensis, L. monocytogenes, M. gallisepticum). For other species the check was already enabled and nothing has changed.
  • Added storing of contig name and position for VFDB results.
  • Added seed genome annotations column to allele result table of cgMLST task entries (not shown by default).
  • Allowed editing of Task Template Result Field Definitions.
  • Added Server status window to start and stop a SeqSphere+ server that was installed as Windows Service.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

See complete version history for minor version changes and older versions see.