1 General Usage

1.1 How to create new database fields?
1.2 Which model or algorithm is used for calculating the genetic distance?
1.3 How to analyse organisms without downloadable cgMLST scheme?
1.4 How to convert a public cgMLST Task Template into a local Task Template?
1.5 How to create a Soft Defined Core Genome MLST Task Template?
1.6 How to create a Comparison Table for multiple Projects?
1.7 How to edit exported emf files in Power Point?
1.8 How to create an Allele Typing Task Template from a FASTA library?
1.9 How to create a non-public MLST Task Template?
1.10 How to build Advanced Phylogenetic Trees?
1.11 How to store MST clusters in database?
1.12 How to use a reprocessing pipeline?
1.13 How to re-analyze samples in a project with a cgMLST that was turned from local to stable and public status?

2 Pipelines

2.1 How to handle repeatedly sequenced samples?
2.2 How to distribute a pipeline script to multiple client computers?
2.3 How to control running pipelines from any client computers?

3 Setup and Administration

3.1 Is it possible to perform an unattended installation on Windows?
3.2 How to move the server to a different computer?
3.3 How to move the client to a different computer?
3.4 How to move the database to another directory?
3.5 How to access network drives for backup if the server was installed as Windows Service?
3.6 Where can I find the log files?
3.7 How to terminate a non-responding SeqSphere server?
3.8 How to import a StaphType database?
3.9 Why is python not found for SPAdes?

4 Error messages and Troubleshooting

4.1 Connection to server failed when login
4.2 Login Failed: Your program version is newer than the version of this server
4.3 Database Potentially Damaged